Artisan Registration for Art for a Cause Fall 2020 is Now Open!

Please ensure you have read all of the artisan information found here before completing your registration. If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from communicating online, you must contact us via email at no later than July 1, 2020 to make other arrangements. You will be notified of your acceptance via email. 

NEED HELP? Below are some of the more common issues people run into. Please use these to trouble-shoot your application and try to submit again. If you believe your issue to be outside of those listed below, please send an email to with details of the problem.

•  Use a Computer: We have had some reports of people encountering problems when using a tablet or their phone to submit an application. Unfortunately, we cannot account for all possible instances in which this might occur. If this happens to you, please try submitting via a computer before contacting us.

•  Required Fields: Ensure you have filled out all required fields. If you miss one, the system will jump you back to that field when you click the Submit button. 

•  Auto-Fill: Several browsers have changed the way they handle auto-fill. If you are using auto-fill to complete the form, and the fields still show as yellow once you've included the data, then the data in those fields may not be read. Please go into each field, delete and then re-type the last character until the background of the field is white again.

•  Special Characters: Are there special characters in your name, business name or address? Such characters would include: !, ', *, %, ( ), etc. While we have accounted for some of the more common ones, there may be a few uncommon ones that could trigger the system. If this is the case, please let us know what characters are being used.

•  Image Size: Please pay special attention to the Image Size Requirements section of the application. If your images are too large, the form will not submit.

•  Lag Time to Be Taken to PayPal: When you click Submit, you will automatically be taken to PayPal. However, there could be up to a minute of lag time, depending on any number of variables, including your internet connection speed or quality, bandwidth, etc. Please be patient.

Art for a Cause 2020 Artisan Application


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This is a juried show. 80% of the work shown must be the work of the artisan named on this application. Please complete this section in its entirety. No buy-sell vendors will be accepted. All buy-sell vendors will be asked to leave and will not be entitled to a refund.
Please enter your business name before continuing.

Please enter the name of your business as you wish to be used in marketing and promotional materials. If you do not have a business name, please enter your full name (i.e. Jean Jones) in this space.

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Please use this space to tell us about your work, including types or kinds of materials used, formats, your inspirations or recurring themes, how long you’ve been producing your work, any awards or accolades received for your work, etc.


You must submit pictures that accurately represent your current work, preferably taken within the last year. Applications submitted without photos will not be accepted, even if you have submitted photos of your work in the past.

Please Note: The maximum file size for uploads is 1MB. Photos larger than this will not be uploaded successfully.
How do you know if an image is too big?
• Go to where the image(s) is/are stored, either on your computer, flash drive, etc.
• Make sure to view the files in List view (columns with text info; not thumbnails)
• Scroll to the end of the row of the file you want to investigate and look at its File Size.
• If it's 1MB or greater, it's TOO BIG.

If your photos are too large to upload, you can use one of the following free services to optimize photos BEFORE uploading them to the site:,, or
Please upload some photos of your work before continuing.

You may upload three current photos.


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If you have participated in a past Cashiers Rotary Arts & Crafts Show, please list the year(s) and season(s) of your participation, i.e. 2012 Spring, 2014 Fall, etc.


Cancellation Policy: The Cashiers Rotary Arts & Crafts shows take place on the Saturday and Sunday of both Memorial Day (Spring) and Labor Day (Fall) weekends from 10am to 5pm both days, with setup times on Friday. This event is rain or shine. Artisans commit – barring emergency circumstances - to participating for the entirety of the show.

Refund Policy: Fees are not refundable unless the event is canceled by the Rotary Club of Cashiers Valley prior to the start to the event or if you are not accepted for participation in the show. You will be notified of your acceptance by our panel via email. The Rotary Club of Cashiers Valley cannot be held liable if any portion of events must be canceled due to an act of God or other circumstance beyond its immediate control.

Code of Conduct: The Rotary Club of Cashiers Valley reserves the right to reject, deny or terminate any artisan’s participation at any point, including after an event has commenced, if they or their assisting staff are found to be in engaged in any of the following prohibited activities: excessive drinking and/or public drunkenness; discrimination, harassment and/or violence towards any person(s), and any activity defined as illegal by Jackson County, the state of North Carolina, or the federal government of the United States.
YES, I/we have received, read and agree to abide by the Rules & Regulations for participation in the Cashiers Rotary Arts & Crafts Shows as published here and online at by the Rotary Club of Cashiers Valley.
YES, I/we also agree to hold The Village Green and The Rotary Club of Cashiers Valley free and harmless from any claims and/or liability relating to any injury, damages or theft caused by persons or property while said premises are occupied under this agreement. This includes damage, injury or loss of any type from the time of arrival and set-up through the breakdown and removal of exhibits. The Rotary Club of Cashiers Valley cannot be held liable if any portion of events must be canceled due to an act of God or other circumstance beyond its immediate control.
Please accept the terms of participation before continuing.


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