August is Rotary Membership & New Club Development Month

on Sunday, 05 August 2018. Posted in Recent Programs

A Message from DG Isaac Owolabi

District 7670 Rotarians,

If you ask me what is our #1 opportunity in 2018/2019? My answer is simple: Membership. In our recent Zone meeting, we learned five things I wish all Rotarians knew (and believed) about membership.

•  Nothing Else Matters: Rotary is a membership organization. And our product is service. If you get membership right, pretty much everything else takes care of itself.

•  Attrition is Real: Membership organizations lose members, most at alarming rates. The 5-year average attrition rate for our Zone 33 clubs is 15% annually. Yes, half of those leave for reasons you can’t control. If our growth goal is 7% this year, your club must grow by 22% to achieve the District goal.

•  Retention is Important for the Long Term: Retention rates can be changed over time, not quickly. Find out why people leave through exit surveys, and fix those problems (If you need help with exit surveys, contact me).

•  Clubs need membership growth every year: What you want to develop is membership growth culture. For instance, 4% annual membership growth will double the size of your club in 18 years.

•  It takes Intentional Strategies: Discard generalities like, “Ask members to bring guests to meetings”. If you change that to, “Ask “X” members to bring “Y” guests to a meeting about Rotary membership on mm/dd/yyyy”, and you might have something, if the rest of the plan is for reminders, follow up. (Adapted from Chris Jones, Rotary Coordinator, Zone 33)

- DG Isaac