Rotary Learns About Evolution and Modern Tools of Web Development

on Tuesday, 05 May 2015. Posted in Recent Programs

Program Recap: May 5, 2015

Rotary Learns About Evolution and Modern Tools of Web Development

Rotarian Steven Johannessen joined Cashiers Rotary at the May 6th meeting  to give an insider’s view on web development.

Johannessen, an area programmer and entertainer, traced the evolution of both the principles of website design and the changing usage of the web by the general public. He focused specifically on the advent of responsive design, wherein a website detects the device the viewer is using and serves up content in a format optimized for that device. The development of responsive design means website developers and owners no longer have to develop and maintain multiple iterations of their website to match various devices. 

Responsive design speaks directly to the prominent role mobile devices play in web usage. While the desktop computer is still relevant, mobile devices account for the fastest growing means of consuming digital media, accounting for more than 60 percent. In addition to an increase in smartphone and tablet usage, mobile-only internet usage is also becoming more common. Additionally, the 55-and-over consumer segment, usually considered the last to adopt the newer technology, is growing at a rate faster than any other user group.

Johannessen illustrated these points with a preview of some web applications he is currently working on, before taking questions from the audience.

Also at the May 6th meeting, Rotary President Milt Stork provided information on Rotary International’s humanitarian and aid efforts following the disastrous earthquake in Nepal.

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