August is Rotary Membership & New Club Development Month

on Sunday, 05 August 2018. Posted in Upcoming Programs

A Message from DG Isaac Owolabi

District 7670 Rotarians,

If you ask me what is our #1 opportunity in 2018/2019? My answer is simple: Membership. In our recent Zone meeting, we learned five things I wish all Rotarians knew (and believed) about membership.

•  Nothing Else Matters: Rotary is a membership organization. And our product is service. If you get membership right, pretty much everything else takes care of itself.

•  Attrition is Real: Membership organizations lose members, most at alarming rates. The 5-year average attrition rate for our Zone 33 clubs is 15% annually. Yes, half of those leave for reasons you can’t control. If our growth goal is 7% this year, your club must grow by 22% to achieve the District goal.

•  Retention is Important for the Long Term: Retention rates can be changed over time, not quickly. Find out why people leave through exit surveys, and fix those problems (If you need help with exit surveys, contact me).

•  Clubs need membership growth every year: What you want to develop is membership growth culture. For instance, 4% annual membership growth will double the size of your club in 18 years.

•  It takes Intentional Strategies: Discard generalities like, “Ask members to bring guests to meetings”. If you change that to, “Ask “X” members to bring “Y” guests to a meeting about Rotary membership on mm/dd/yyyy”, and you might have something, if the rest of the plan is for reminders, follow up. (Adapted from Chris Jones, Rotary Coordinator, Zone 33)

- DG Isaac

The 4-Way Test

The Four-Way Test was created by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor in 1932. Followed by Rotarians worldwide in their business and professional lives it has been translated into more than 100 languages and is used by organizations and individuals throughout the world.

Of the things we think, say or do:

Is it the TRUTH?


Is it FAIR to all concerned?

Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?